Pony Riding Lessons.

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Instructor: Emily Gardner

Pony: Midnight, a 10 year old mare. Midnight has a calm disposition and loves kids. 

Class: 30 min per lesson. We start with groundwork. Groundwork refers to how humans safely interact and direct their equine partners from ground level. Whether the student is a novice or expert, we want all the horses to feel safe and be as comfortable as possible with new students. Consistency is the key.

Groundwork includes everything from moving horses through gates, grooming, and handling tack and equipment, to working with horses on a lead rope at a walk, trot, and stop. We use groundwork to teach students focus, awareness, communication skills, and respect.

  • Students learn the Three T’s: Tools (tack & equipment), Techniques (safety and efficiency) Timing (safely & fairly correcting and not punishing the horse).

Next is riding 

  • Our riding philosophy builds confidence by teaching students to work with a horse’s natural motion and movement (gaits). This begins with balanced seat riding on a bareback pad or in a saddle (per instructor recommendation). We also teach natural, mutual communication through subtle body language that the horse understands and correctly interprets. These Natural Horsemanship techniques help riders understand and appreciate their role as partner and not passenger.

Ideal beginning riders age 5-13 (younger riders  accepted on an individual basis)

Consistency is important. 

Closed toe shoes are required.

Bringing a helmet is not required, but appreciated. 

Summer session is July 8- Aug 2 

Fall session starts September 10th schedule pending. 

Please call if interested in Friday or Saturday classes 435-764-1418

 Under Utah law, there is no liability for injury to a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injuries results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risk of agritourism activities include, among others, risk of injury inherent to land, equipment and animals as well as the potential for injury if you act in a negligent manner. You are assuming the risks of participating in the agritourism activity. Utah code 78B-4-512