Meat Boxes

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100% Grass Fed and Finished Angus Beef. Dry aged 13-21 days. 

Pasture Riased Heritage Pork on a corn free soy free diet.

Raised in Utah and butchered at a local family owned, inspected butcher. 

No hormones, No steroids, No MSG, No added nitrates. 


Small box: 32 meals (8 meals for family of 4)

Large box: 64 meals (16 meals for family of 4)


Each box is packed slightly different. 

Beef Box comes with all Grass Fed Beef.

example Small box: 1 roast, 2 packs steak, 1 stew, 1 pack patties, 3 ground

Pork Box comes with all Pastured Pork.

exmaple small box: 1 roast, 1 bacon, 1 breakfast sausage, 1 pack chops, 1 ground pork, 1 mild italian, 2 packs sausage. 

Mix Box comes with half Beef and half Pork

example small box: 1 roast, 1 steak, 1 chop, 1 bacon, 2 ground beef, 2 sausages. 

Specialty Box comes with Beef and Pork along with Lamb/Goat (1specialty cuts for a small box  2 with a large box)