Barn Raising

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We believe that part of being a sustainable farm is being financially sustainable as well. We have not taken any loans to fund our Farm. Many farmers tell us its impossible and some days it feels like they are right. Not taking out loans means more work as we have yet to buy a tractor or other implements that would speed up some of the tasks on the farm. These big purchases are hopefully in our future but we are taking our time to save up for them. Not having loans and interest payments are one of the ways we are able to keep our prices down.

Unfortunately, as it seams to happen with small farms, the USDA has requirements that we were not told about until recently. We are being required to build a new structure to hold our freezers and have a limited time frame to get it built. If you are interested in helping us raise a barn we would be forever grateful. 

$10 donation for a shot out on our webpage and newsletter

$25 donation for your name on our barn wall

$50 Donation to name our Rooster

$75 Donation for a 1 Hr tour of the farm with kids pony rides (family of 4)

$100 Donation for Entree at Salt and Ash in Placentia CA

$500 Donation for Angus Burger and Bratwurst BBQ for your family or Office  (up to 12 people)