1 Grass Fed Angus Beef
1 Grass Fed Angus Beef
1 Grass Fed Angus Beef

1 Grass Fed Angus Beef

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100% Grass Fed and Finished Angus Beef.

No hormones, No steroids

USDA inspected. Dry aged 14-21 Days .


*steaks come 2 per pack*

8 Packs of  Rib Steak

8 Packs of New York Steak

8 Packs of Tenderloin/Filet Steak

8 Packs of Sirloin Steak

8 Skirt Steak (1 per pack)

8 Packs Cube Steak

8 Eye Round

8 Packs Short Ribs

8 Packs of bbq Ribs 

8 Sirloin tip roast

8 Pot Roast

8 Chuck roast

8 London broil/top round

8 Stew

32 packs bones

128 Ground 


2 Flank steaks

2 Rump Roast

4 Briskets

2 Tri tips

Approximately 450 lbs

Each Beef cuts a little different. Cuts may be substituted with a cut of equal or greater value (for example you may get one less chuck and one more sirloin steak)

*if you are purchasing this as a group order your beef will already be divided up for you. You will receive 8 packages  PLUS the extra box. Groups will need to chose one person to be the host. Host will receive the full order and be responsible for single payment and distributing it to members. Please call with any questions*