Located in Logan, Utah. Morgan's Gourmet is a family run business that makes creamy, rich cheesecakes in many delectable flavors.


About Us

Growing up in the middle of a large family we all got the opportunity to work in the kitchen. We each planned menus, prepared and served the meals, and of course we each took care of the clean up. During my younger years I learned the reward of making foods that others enjoyed. My older sister taught me a number of family favorites and my brothers requested them often. Many years later I decided I wanted to learn to make good cheesecake. Through a lot of practice I learned that starting with quality ingredients makes a big difference, as does technique. Eventually I also realized that the feature lacking in the cheesecake market is to get it personal sized. I adapted my recipes and processes to fill that need.

Food has always been one of the primary focuses in my home (so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that my youngest child was only eight years old when she first earned her Food Handlers Permit). Today I produce hundreds of personal sized indulgences in a commercial kitchen with the help of my amazing wife and children. We are working to increase the availability of our products through an increased number of retailers.