Our Story

We are a family of 8, living in Logan Utah. We Started farming when our second born had food allergies and we struggled to find food he could eat. (that was an eye opening rabbit hole to go down.) Our goal is to provide clean, sustainable, and affordable farm products. We work hard daily to succeed and we work hard to not only uphold those standards, but teach people (our kids especially) why these standards are important. We love our animals and we treat them accordingly. We’re not a huge processing plant and we like it that way. Every animal on our farm is loved and gets attention. 

In 2013 we were living in Anaheim California with 3 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. We all lived in one room and rented out the other bedroom so that we could save up a down payment for our dream farm. We packed up a u-haul, loaded the kids in the camper and came to Utah. We had no job, no farm, nothing set up. But we knew what we wanted. We put our stuff in storage when we got here, Chuck started looking for work. He found a job working for a Dodge dealer as a mechanic. We lived in our camper while we found a farm and house. We finally found one, but getting a farm loan ended up taking 3 months. In the mean time we stayed in the camper in the gravel yard behind the shop. We were so excited to get in to our new home. It was small, (2 bed 900 sq ft home) but it was great. We got 3 milking goats, 20 chickens, some rabbits and a kitten right when we moved in. Before any of the beds were set up we were milking goats twice a day.

We leased out an additional field with a barn, water and added pigs, cows and sheep to our farm. The kids were in love with the baby lambs and I was in love with the fresh milk and eggs. The first year we were just planning on raising enough for us, but ended up with more then we could eat and shared with friends. The next year, more friends and family wanted to get farm products from us. And each year we grew. Two years after moving in, our home was condemned (you can read about that here) We had to move and find a new farm. This one had more rooms and more fields. 2 years ago it got to the point where the farm was getting too big for Chuck to take care of after work and too big for Jen to take care of with 6 kids. Chuck stopped working and went all in on the farm. With Jen and Gloria‘s seizures, Chuck being home was a big blessing. We now have 6 kids that we homeschool and we do lots of traveling to deliver meat all over the place. Farming is one of the hardest, hottest, coldest, dirtiest, low paying jobs but we LOVE it!!! 

Chuck Henson


42 years old. Grew up a mile from Disneyland. In my former life I worked as a mechanic and welder and those skills definitely come in handy on the farm. My favorite hobby is dirt bike riding. My favorite animal on the farm is Bruce the Ram!

Jen Henson


37 years old. I’m legally blind (low vision) and have epilepsy. In my former life, I was an ASL Interpreter. I love all things holistic. Love cooking and baking. Love being home for my kids whom I homeschool. My favorite animal on the farm is Hamilton the pig!

Logan Henson

Farmer/ Son

12 years old. I help dad feed animals and I milk the goats twice a day. I have a great imagination, I want to be a vet or zoologist when I grow up. My favorite animals on the farm are my dog Miner and my Rabbits.

Emmett Henson


!0 years old. I help dad feed animals and feed the dogs and pigs. I’m the family joker. I want to be a farmer when i grow up. My favorite animal on the farm is Hamilton the pig and the kittens.

Sariah Henson


8 years old (going on 25). I’m moms best helper. I collect eggs and help in the house and love cooking. When I grow up I want to be a mom. My favorite animal on the farm is my pony Midnight.

Allie Henson


5 years old. I’m the sassy one in the family. I like putting on pretty dresses and playing in the mud (often at the same time) My favorite animal on the farm is any of the baby animals. 

Kensi Henson

Farmer/ Daughter

5 years old. Me and Allie are twins and best friends forever. I’m always happy and have a bounce in my step. I Like playing with my doll Lucky. My favorite animal on the farm is bunnies.

Gloria Henson


3 years old. I’m the snuggle bug in the family. I have epilepsy but that doesn’t stop me from trying to keep up with my siblings. I LOVE ALL the animals on the farm and love when I get to help daddy do chores.

Emily Gardner


21 years old. I’m Jens BFF. I help on the farm, with putting orders together and with kids. I love to sing and have fun.   My favorite animal on the farm is the horse Bell and Hamilton the Pig

Our Amazing Butchers

We work with two small family owned butchers. Both have three generations working in their shops, both only process one animal at a time so we can be sure that we get our own meat back and that there is only one beef in your ground beef package. We chose to work with these two after trying just about everyone from Utah. Both butchers provide an excellent cut. Having two butchers also helps us have more flexibility in our schedule during the busy months.

C & S meats in West Haven Ut is a small 3 generation shop. With Grandpa, Dad and Daughter working together. They have the best beef cut in the state! They do a fantastic job.

Tooele Valley Meat is a small 4th generation family butcher shop located in Grantsville Ut. They use natural pork casing and do an amazing job with all of their sausages.