1/4 Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Angus Beef Raised in Cache Valley and butchered at a local, Family run, custom, inspected Butcher

No Hormones No steroids

Dry aged 14-21 days

Price includes all butcher and packing costs. 

We have butcher dates every week for the rest of the year. Orders are filled in order received. 


1/4 Large Angus BEef 


Approximately 120 lbs


8 Roasts
16 Packs of steak
BBQ Ribs, Short Ribs
Fajita, Thin Sliced, Stew, Patties
Ground beef

Beef Box- 1/4

  • $97.50 Month.
  •  6 month commitment .
  • 10 cuts each month
  • Cut variety rotates each month.
  • Includes 5 ground beef, 1 roast,  2 packs of steak,
    1 quick cuts, and 1 additional cuts. 
Beef Box- 1/4
Beef Box- 1/4

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Grass Fed

Delicious, Healthy, Meat