150 cows in 12 months! That’s our goal. That’s how we are going to try and save the family farm.

In April 2013 we started our family farm. Prior to that we had rented a room in our 2 bedroom apartment for a year saving the extra income for a down payment. We spent 4 months living in our truck camper with 3 kids while we found our first farm house. Two years after moving in we found out that the house was not the dream we had thought it was. The 100 year old walls were literally crumbling and in many places not attached to each other. We spent 6 months living in the back yard while we gutted the house and tried to save it. In the end, the county condemned the house because the mold levels in it were inhabitable and because it lacked structural stability. We had to leave everything in the home behind.

A friend’s nephew had a house for sale and he was okay with doing owner financing for us. We had payed the mortgage on the original house until the day it was condemned and we had to walk away. Because of the circumstances, everyone assured him the bank would take a deed in lieu of foreclosure and we would be able to refinance within the 5 year term.

The bank said no. They decided to foreclose and that process took a while to complete.

We now have only about a year left and a foreclosure that will not allow us to refinance before the 5 year term is up. 

If we can sell 150 cows we can save the farm.

Prices include cutting, wrapping and delivery.

Non refundable deposit due when you order with balance due at delivery. We accept cash, card, food stamp or any combination.